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Mexico City, México

Descripción del Trabajo

The incumbent plays a key role in the team being responsible for Information Management and Business Analysis support of all aspects of the Mexico Acquisition business.
In terms of MIS the responsibilities include gathering, controlling, and processing acquisition information (NCA, Billed Business, Attrition, Demographics).

Development of reporting capabilities and generation of processes for a better management of the information. All this information has to be delivered to the different users in a timely and precise manner.
In terms of Business Analysis the incumbent tracks the acquisition at different levels (by channel, by product, by income level, by acquisition type, by customer type, etc.). Additionally, performance of the new acquired portfolio is generated (Billed business, attrition, etc.)

Compensation schemes are evaluated, monitored and modified if needed to be aligned with acquisition strategies. Relationships of all these variables are monitored and forecast.
All the analysis generated is provided to the different channel responsible for them to take informed decisions to maximize results in their performance.

1. Principal Accountabilities Manages Acquisition Information
• Daily update of the information of new cards acquired and storage such information in local data bases for further references.
• Process information from raw data to specific reports required by the different acquisition channels (External Sales Agencies, Personal Sales, Telemarketing, Airports, Online, Cross Sell, and Partnerships) for tracking and analysis purposes.
• Track information of the applications within different channels from end to end since the application is received in AMEX until it is decided in New Accounts.
• Manages sales executives information at personal sales required to track individual performance.

2. Automates processes simplifying the administrative workload of managers and supervisors
• Recurrent procedures that are done manually are automated and provided in a user friendly format either through web based platforms or through excel workbooks with visual basic macros and/or pivot tables.
• Manages and develops the platforms to guarantee the users have access to the information and the analysis generated at all time.

3. Manages New Accounts Information
• Build the ad-hoc reports for the process management.
• Daily update of the reports
• Identify the key control points and track them through Statistic control process charts

4. Reviews and modifies compensation schemes as required by different acquisition strategies implemented
• Different analysis need to be generated to track the effectiveness of the commissions’ schemes defined for sales executives, supervisors, managers, director within the different channels.
• Analyzes the compensation schemes defined for external sales agencies and how effective are they considering the acquisition strategies established by the company.
5. Defines quotas for all channels.

6. Generates ad-hoc analysis and communicates the results to management
• Based on the different necessities of the markets, ad-hoc analysis need to be developed in order to facilitate business decision making to the business lines leaders.
• Communication to the different channel managers is crucial to understand the results and apply them properly in the day to day operation.

7. Leads a group of programmers and analysts
• Manages the administrative processes that are required related to the people reporting to this position.
• Is responsible of developing the people and maximize their capabilities

Breadth of Responsibility - The degree to which this job impacts the organization and its employees. 

For what is this job responsible?

• This individual is responsible for delivering the following activities which are critical for managing the card acquisition within Acquisition:
• Develop and manage the MIS (Management Information System) for GNICS Acquisition, providing accurate and timely information for decision making and planning purposes.
• Thoroughly analyze the data and provide recommendations to the different channel responsible in order for them to take informed decisions and improve the performance of the channel.
• Report generation of the different metrics relevant to the acquisition process, at the beginning on the applications until they are decided by New Accounts and after on the performance of the Card Acquired.
• Analyzes and defines the impacts of the changes in acquisition strategies.
• Identifies correlations within the variables of new acquisition and make recommendations to channel responsible in order to improve overall acquisition efficiency.
• Ensure that the company develops market intelligence in the acquisition strategy and take advantage of its opportunities and strengths.

Offer of employment with American Express is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background verification check, subject to applicable laws and regulations.


  • Bachelor´s in Math, Actuaries, Economics, Industrial Engineer.
  • Experience manipulating and extracting business insights from large and complex data bases.
  • Experience in handling and synthesizing complex information.
  • Strong and logical and analytical thinking. Excellent communication skills with ability to interact with all levels of the organization.
  • Fluent English written and oral

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