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Consumer Marketing Executive

Brussels, Belgique
Commerce électronique Marketing

Description du poste


The Marketing Executive is responsible to support the creation and to fully execute the Marketing Strategy within the boundaries of the defined budget. He/she develops and supports actions and communication campaigns during the whole customer's lifecycle, by promoting acquisition, spend stimulation/loyalty and retention, in order to strengthen the existing customer portfolio.

The Marketing Executive has an excellent knowledge of market trends and use that to identify areas of improvement and support negotiation with the different providers and agencies. This includes internal cross-functional management.

The key responsibilities include :

  • Developing Consumer on line/off line Marketing Campaigns that stimulate spend and drive loyalty and retention.
  • Providing campaign performances and results in order to assess the impacts and relevance of the campaign and support management decisions.
  • Providing clear instructions to colleagues, internal and external stakeholders (ex: Operation, legal, agencies...) allowing them to perform their job to the best of their ability and resources.
  • Assessing and interpret the results delivered by team members and/or stakeholders based on service levels and objectives.
  • Having a clear customer oriented focus and constantly improve the quality of our service. The ability to look at a situation from a customer's perspective and use that insight to provide a quality service.
  • Accurately manage budget/Marketing expenses according to budget objectives
  • Develop content and coordinate communications for key legal and compliance remediation projects, balancing customer friendly communication and legal/compliance requirements.
  • Develop and implement digital strategy and websites maintenance.

Offer of employment with American Express is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background verification check, subject to applicable laws and regulations.




Required skills:

  • possess a technical expertise of the functioning of specific processes and procedures with one’s own domain, able to realise objectives for this domain under minimal supervision by the manager
  • compile and process data and information according to the own domain, focussed on establishing the right connections between data and come to a consistent synthesis that will support the decision making process
  • work solution oriented on own initiative and able to handle and manage unexpected situations
  • Guide others by giving clear instructions and by tracking and adjusting of their results according to the objectives and available resources.
  • adopt a customer-oriented attitude by maintaining professional relationships and offering an excellent service
  • able to work within strict deadlines, stay calm in stressful work situations and set priorities in order to be able to reacting positively to frustrations, obstacles and opposition. Take responsibility for one’s own output.


Education and learning time

  • The function requires a knowledge that is at least equivalent to a Bachelor degree (or equivalent experience) with 3 to 5 years of relevant experience.



  • Dutch – Experienced (written & oral)
  • French – Experience (written & oral)
  • English – Experience (written & oral)



  • MS Office - Experienced
  • Proprietary IT platforms
  • Job specific IT systems


Specific to campaigns

  • Dreamwaver
  • Photoshop basic


Specific to digital

  • Html basic
  • Content Management System
  • SEO


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Date Posted: 19 oct. 2018, 02:57:50