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Senior Engineer II

Bangalore, India
Digital Commerce Technology

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Job Description

American Express has embarked on an exciting transformation driven by an energetic new team of high performers. This is a great opportunity to join the CTO organization within American Express Technologies become the driver of this exciting journey

What we’re looking for:

You’re a talented, creative, and motivated engineer who loves developing powerful, stable, and intuitive apps – and you’re excited to work with a team of individuals with that same passion. You’ve accumulated years of experience, and you’re excited about taking your mastery of Big Data and Java to a new level. You enjoy challenging projects involving big data sets and are cool under pressure. You’re no stranger to fast-paced environments and agile development methodologies – in fact, you embrace them. With your strong analytical skills, your unwavering commitment to quality, your excellent technical skills, and your collaborative work ethic, you’ll do great things here at American Express.

Purpose of the Role:

Cornerstone is company’s largest Big Data Platform, ideally suited for computationally and/or data intensive processing applications. Whether the data needs to be processed in batch, online, or streaming manner, Cornerstone provides robust capabilities to handle such workloads effectively, in a cost-efficient manner.

A hub of highly talented Big Data engineers and most exciting & upcoming technologies such as HBase, Couchbase, Spark, Structured Streaming, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Java APIs, Scala, Python, Pig, Hive etc, Cornertone platform offers an environment where Engineers are challenged everyday to build world class products.


Be part of a fast-paced Agile team, design, develop, test, troubleshoot & optimize solutions created to simplify access to the Amex’s Big Data Platform.


•            Solution Design and Development Performs all technical aspects of software development for assigned applications including:

•            Developing prototypes utilizing visualization and other techniques to fast-track concepts.

•            Writing new code and API's.

•            Performs hands-on architecture, design, and development of systems.

•            Functions as a member of an Agile team and helps drive consistent development practices - tools, common components, and documentation.

•            Typically spends 70% + of time writing code and testing, and remainder of time collaborating with stakeholders through ongoing product/platform releases.

•            Performs unit and assembly testing of software components including the design, implementation, evaluation, and execution of unit and assembly tests.

•            Conducts code reviews and builds test automation.

•            Debugs software components, identifies, fixes and verifies remediation of code defects.

•            Identifies opportunities to adopt innovative technologies.

•            Ability to enable business capabilities through innovation.

•            Is prepared to challenge the status quo and drive innovation.

•            Generates creative ideas and solutions.

•            Keeps up-to-date on current research and technology in the industry.

•            Identifies novel approaches for completing work assignments more effectively or efficiently and works within the "established" system to push for "a better way."

•            Reviews, selects and disseminates information regarding key technologies, best practices, and tools to others in the group.

•            Understands technical aspects of one's job and uses appropriate technology for the situation at hand.

•            Tries new approaches when problem solving, seeking ideas, or suggestions from others as appropriate.

•            Seeks continuous improvement by considering solutions that make novel use of existing ideas, approaches, technologies or products.

•            Identifies a number of ways to do things differently that will continuously improve the product.

•            Carries out systematic and rational analysis to identify the root cause of problems.

•            Assesses information from different angles and various sources to discover the root cause of the issue.

•            Works closely with product owners on blueprints and annual planning of feature sets that impact multiple platforms and products.

•            Works with product owners to prioritize features for ongoing sprints and managing a list of technical requirements based on industry trends, new technologies, known defects, and issues.


Please note, salary increases in case of a lateral move are provided only on an exception basis and in line with compensation guidelines.



•            10+ years of software development experience, and preferably a BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other Technical disciplines.

•            As the Senior Engineer on the team, the applicant will need to handle any Technical issues that are beyond the capability of the other members of the team.

•            Demonstrated experience in Agile development, application design, software development, and testing.

•            Thorough understanding and hands-on Bigdata technologies like Apache Spark Dataframe and Datasets, HDFS, Hive.

•            Good understanding of CI/CD processes leveraging Jenkins, SBT, XLR and Maven.

•            Experience with Java applications design and development in an Enterprise setting using J2EE, XML, JSON, Microservices and REST Principles, Spring JPA, Hibernate, data structure fundamentals with experience in multi-threaded programming.

•            Experience with a broad range of software languages and payments technologies like Python, SAS is a plus .

•            Good understanding of NoSQL databases like Couchbase.

•            Expertise in objected oriented analysis and design across a variety of platforms.

•            A proven hunger to learn new technologies and translate them into working software.

•            Ability to proactively support colleagues and collaborates with them to help achieve targets.

•            Proven Recognition of the importance of teamwork to achieve objectives.


ReqID: 19012462
Schedule (Full-Time/Part-Time): Full-time
Date Posted: Jul 5, 2019, 2:06:03 AM
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