DevOps Engineer – Kubernetes, CI/CD

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Job Description

Who we are?

The American Express One Amex team is looking for DevOps engineers with expertise configuring, building and observing infrastructure across a variety of cloud platforms and technologies. The team is embarking on a transformation to DevOps first engineering practices and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


The One Amex ecosystem is a truly disruptive part of the engineering organisation and is driving adoption of cutting-edge technologies and techniques. We are looking to build small but high performant teams within this to solve complex challenges, using an imbued DevOps culture of heavy automation and continuous deployment.

Working within the One Infrastructure unit of the team, you’ll have opportunity to make an impact on decisions involving best practises, tooling and CI/CD modernisation. Involved with colleagues all over the world you will establish a network of contacts not only to support but to share and collaborate with.


The challenge

As a beacon for change within the engineering organisation, the north star objective is twofold: modernisation of platform infrastructure to embrace container orchestration across hybrid cloud solutions and proliferating DevOps culture throughout the entire engineering organisation.

Joining at the ground floor you’ll have opportunity to bring best commercial practises to large scale infrastructure that is running in parallel with initiatives to modernising development practices. Working with well-known public cloud providers, the goal will be a moving target as we continuously improve and harmonise the entire SDLC and platform supporting it.

Transitioning over a thousand product engineers across CI/CD, Infrastructure and tooling will be only part of your objective as you also embrace evangelising best practise within delivery teams. You will be considered a subject matter expert on a multitude of One Amex domains.

Templating observability across our product portfolio, developing Golang tooling, building repeatable ephemeral cluster pipelines, writing Kubernetes custom resource definitions, liaising with SecOps on full stack security, designing auto DevOps strategies - are just some of the day to day operations within this challenging and exciting role.

You will

  • Have strong opinions on what good, great and world-class look like for DevOps at scale.

  • Never shy from a challenge and have an aptitude for problem solving.

  • Have a strong sense of personal accountability and influence the team to take ownership of commitments.

  • Be a natural communicator and capable of working with geographically diverse colleagues to collaborate on issues between teams and subject matter domains.

  • Develop tribal knowledge into documented repositories and grow team culture.

  • Cultivate relationships with stakeholders, evangelise the team mission and iterate on operating model to continuously improve.

Your skills

  • Engineering background fluent at least in one programming language. (Preferably Golang/Python or C/C++)

  • High proficiency shell scripting

  • Strong Linux experience

  • A demonstrable history of actively implementing DevOps best practises.

  • In-depth knowledge of modern infrastructure architecture, networking and security principles.

  • Expertise with one major public cloud provider: GCP/AWS

  • Expertise in Kubernetes

  • In-depth knowledge of distributed key value store systems and their support (ETCD, Redis, Consul or Zookeeper)

  • Familiar with Node JS and NPM


To complete your application please click on the links below. However, if you require any assistance with the completion of this process – or need any reasonable adjustments to be made – then please contact the Recruitment Team on or 00800 83 000038 (free phone, subject to individual carrier charges). For Russia based candidates on 810 800 83 000038.

ReqID: 19017088
Schedule (Full-Time/Part-Time): Full-time
Date Posted: Jan 6, 2020, 11:46:33 AM